I take my love of designing physical spaces to the digital world. My natural spatial and sensory abilities help me to organize and create visually satisfying experiences that bring ease and delight.

This project details the design of an online academic program comparison tool for The University of Maryland University College. The overall goal of the project was to enhance student administrative processes, streamlined user flows for student registration, assist with the decision-making process for determining a course of study, and to decrease registration abandonment rates and increase market conversions. These enhancements improved the overall student registration process and increasing market conversions by over 30%.


This project details the design of an internal assessment database for an online textbook publisher. Editors were using Word documents to create quizzes and exams that would be uploaded to learning management systems like Blackboard. The process was untimely and made organization of content extremely difficult. I worked with a cross-functional team of stakeholders and developers to automate this process and save our editors productivity hours. Our final product shipped with features that increased productivity from four to over ten assessments per day.  

This project involved designing an online SaaS GIS platform with a Customer Relationship Module (CRM) that serves the US Department of Defense. I worked with a cross-functional team to target our main user needs for viewing and exploiting imagery, as well as creating features that allow users to efficiently manage personal imagery libraries. As a result, our user base grew to over 10,000 users and the program was granted a two-year extension. We won a team award for passing Critical Design Review and for Excellence in Customer Service.

JetBlack is a travel app concept that focuses on identifying safe and accepting spaces for black/LGBT international travelers. I conducted the end-to-end user experience process and built my solution to meet my targeted user goals. Users are able to get relevant travel information for the Black/LGBT community without digging through lengthy online forums or travel blogs, or traveling without needed information.

Travel Noire is a niche travel site focusing on providing curated international experiences for people in the African diaspora, but for many of the site's users, booking a trip was a complicated and lengthy process. I redesigned the booking process to simplify the overall experience to reflect main user goals. As a result, I trimmed 15 minutes off of this process and users were able to book a trip in under five minutes. 



Define & Explore

Explore business goals, assess scope, and identify constraints.


observe & research

Ask why, empathize with users, and analyze competitive landscape.


ideate & create

Sketch ideas, create wireframes, and generate possible solutions.



Design prototype, conduct user testing, and validate approach.



Learn from user behavior, generate more ideas, and refine design.

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Tell the story, provide documentation, and support launch.



Farmers.gov Site Redesign

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

This project will detail the redesign of Farmers.gov, a site for the US Department of Agriculture, with a focus on providing a streamlined approach for farmers and commodities producers' access to agricultural information and financial assistance by bringing the most relevant resources, programs and tools together in one place.

Human Resources Management and Applicant Tracking System

This project will detail the overhaul and redesign of an existing HR and recruiting system used by over 100,000 users each year for the federal government by Monster.com Government Solutions. My work includes the end-to-end design process including but not limited to visual layout, look and feel, usability testing, information architecture, persona development, user journeys and processes, MVP and feature prioritization, rapid prototyping and iterations, as well as style guide and design system.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Afrika Milele Travel

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Afrika Milele Travel (Zanzibar) is an eCommerce travel site serving all of East Africa. Users are able to view travel packages, safaris and local excursions. As a UX Consultant on this project, I conducted a heuristic evaluation and site redesign, refining user journeys, providing optimizations for sales conversions, and design changes to improve overall visual identity and flow.